In need of roof repairs? How to select a contractor

The roof is the reason everyone and everything in your house is able to remain stable. So if you don’t get it repaired correctly, who or what can be safe or at peace? When there’s damage to your roof, a professional contractor is what you need to make your house a home again. If a […]

Roof Longevity tips for the New Year

A roof is more important than most of us may typically consider; it’s the very thing that keeps a house comfortable and secure, no matter the weather outside. It’s what guarantees a safe shelter. So we all want roofs that’ll last a long time, right? Unfortunately, most roofs only endure about 20 years before they […]

Winter Roof Maintenance

Being your first line of defense at home, your roof can experience large amounts of stress in short spans of time. A roof is never truly done working until it expires; every single moment, there’s at least one thing—winds, the heat of the sun, etc.—out in the world affecting your house and being wrestled back […]

Common problem: ice dams—How to prevent, spot an issue and repair before costly damages

Being next to a Great Lake, the Rochester NY area often experiences intense winter weather. Perhaps you’ve passed through a local neighborhood and seen dozens of rooftops caked with snow, long and pointy icicles hanging from the edge. If left be for too long, these sticks of ice can tear up a roof like a […]

Roofing estimates and inspections

If your roof doesn’t function just right, neither can any other parts of the house; it’s key to comfort and security. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take that much for it to grow weak. Between little clumps of dust, snow, and any extreme weather conditions, a roof can only endure so much damage. Some roofs are less […]

Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Like most other things, keeping a roof in functional condition requires cleaning and repair. Leaving your roof exactly as is for very long can ultimately destroy it. For about a hundredth of a percent of what you make in a year, you can call in an expert to look and figure out just how strong […]

Roofing Installation and Longevity in Rochester

If you are contemplating installing a new roof, you are probably wondering what the best roof system for your needs is. When applying a roofing system to your facility, there are 5 key components to keep in mind: 1. Design 2. Materials 3. Workmanship 4. Weather 5. Maintenance Design: When considering a roofing project, it […]

Winterizing Your Rochester Roof

As the Rochester summer comes winding to a halt, it’s time to start thinking about winter. While that may seem miles away, it is the just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking not only about preparing your wardrobe but also your home. In an area with harsh winters (such as Rochester), it’s important […]

Preventative Roof Maintenance in Rochester

Taking care of a roof is similar to taking care of a car. In order for your car to work at optimum efficiency, you have to maintain and repair it. If you don’t, you may find yourself stranded on the side of 490 with faulty brakes. By not performing routine maintenance on your roof, you […]

Metal Roofing for Rochester Homes

When a Rochester home owner is faced with making a major roofing decision, metal roofing usually doesn’t come up in conversation around the dinner table. Imagine that. Why not? Most consumers know very little about metal roofs or the benefits they can offer. But to set the record straight here are some facts about metal […]