Roofing Installation and Longevity in Rochester

If you are contemplating installing a new roof, you are probably wondering what the best roof system for your needs is. When applying a roofing system to your facility, there are 5 key components to keep in mind:
1. Design
2. Materials
3. Workmanship
4. Weather
5. Maintenance
When considering a roofing project, it is very important to keep in mind things that may affect the roof, such as wind, uplift, drainage, temperature, and existing building conditions.
Components of design during the construction period are equally as important as the finished product. When you are doing construction on a facility that needs to be accessible during the building period, it is important for the contractors to work out a plan that will protect the building and the people inside from weather elements and precarious conditions of construction.
If a contractor is designing a roof around an owner’s limited budget and no solely for a long-term solution, this should be stated upfront as a short-term solution. Both parties should know what to expect from the finished product.
Also, the geographical and environmental conditions of the area and current building should be taken into considering when building a new roof. If the climate is humid and warm in the summer with harsh winters, this will effect the overall performance of the roof.
All roof materials are NOT considered equally effective. Materials will be chosen based on expectations for longevity, budgeting restrictions, and compatibility with the building. Make sure all materials are new, free of moisture and are in compliance with ASTM standards.
This is one of the most important aspects of contract work. Without quality workmanship, your roof will almost definitely fail prematurely. Be sure to use a trusted and respected contractor for your roofing needs.
All roofing materials have temperature and weather restraints. It is very important that the materials be applied in suitable weather conditions.
There is no such thing as a maintenance-free roof system. While the level of attention that certain systems require may differ, they are all constantly exposed to the elements. Therefore, they will require upkeep. By implementing an annual roof maintenance plan, you can greatly expand the life of your roof. Such plans should include leak detection and prevention, and comprehensive repairs when necessary. In the end, spending small chunks of money over a long period of time will come out to much less hassle than having to replace the entire roof years before its expected duration.