Roof Longevity tips for the New Year

A roof is more important than most of us may typically consider; it’s the very thing that keeps a house comfortable and secure, no matter the weather outside. It’s what guarantees a safe shelter. So we all want roofs that’ll last a long time, right?

Unfortunately, most roofs only endure about 20 years before they start to deteriorate. However, some types of roofs can last somewhat longer if cared for thoroughly enough. Other types can easily last many more years. But regardless, if there are ways to keep the roof going, why not try? Here a few maintenance tips:

  • Gutters jammed with debris can make fallen water from the roof build up, potentially to a point where it seeps through to the underside of the roof and breaks it down. Make sure no debris is left sitting in the pipes attached to the housetop.
  • Blasting stuff with water may clear them faster, but it can cause them decay as well. NEVER pressure-wash; that’ll loosen up the surface too much and dissolve protective layers.
  • If you see any pieces of the roof decaying, get them replaced quickly.
  • There may be even more blemishes than are readily visible. Get a professional inspection performed every two to three years.