Rochester Roofing Estimates and Inspections

With the harsh winter we have had in Rochester, now is the time to do a proper roof inspection and if needed, estimates.

Getting spring estimates gives you time to plan, budget and more importantly hiring the roofing contractor you think will give you peace of mind.

Why Spring? If a major or even a minor repair is necessary it is best to do them in the warmer weather then to face them in the fall or winter.

What to look for?

  • Shingles that are curled, cracked or broken
  • Bare spots or shingles that have lost most of their grit
  • Missing shingles or have pieces missing
  • Cracks in flashing around vent pipes and chimneys

If you can go up into the attic area with a flash light, look for any signs of moisture or wetness. If they are detected, now is the time to take care of business, before damage is done down below.

Weather you decide to make repairs yourself or hire a professional, always check with the manufacturer (if known) about what materials they recommend and warranties.

Remember, when seeking estimates/quotes, the lowest estimate is not necessarily the best price. You are looking for honesty, integrity, and value.

When facing a total re-roof get estimates from a minimum of two roofing contractors who have been in business of at least a few years. Check their references and if possible talk with people who have hired them for their roofing.