Rochester Roofers- References the Golden Rule

How many times have you replaced your roof? For the average Rochester homeowner the answer is almost never.

This is a lifetime investment; you don’t want the average roofer. You want the best roofer or roofing company you can find.

The first mindset of most people is to buy from whoever gives the cheapest bid. Statistically, however, the best roofers are not cheapest nor are they the most expensive. Also, the cheapest roofer isn’t very likely to do the best or the most permanent job.

Be very cautious of new businesses just getting off the ground, because they have the temptation to do what all new companies have to do to survive, give lowball bids to get the work. You have to ask yourself, how did they make their bid so cheap? You may have already guessed it, cheaper materials and cut as many corners as they can, to reduce labor hours. Everyone has to start somewhere; you just don’t want to be that somewhere.

You do not want to be a learning experience for our new roofing contractor, its best to shop around for a middle of the road price range, with a roofer that has credentials, references. The better roofers still have to compete to stay in business. That means they still have to be competitive in their prices. They have to give the best job possible because their reputation follows them, and a poor job means fewer jobs.

The Golden Rule?

  • Ask and Check References.

If the roofing company or roofer has a generous selection of references from satisfied customers, there is nothing in business or advertising that can beat that. One can buy a good website have excellent advertising, but references, from happy and satisfied customers, those are priceless. So one should always ask for references and check them out; they are the absolute best indicator of a fine and respectable roofer contractor.

If a Rochester roofing contractor has been in business for more than a year, they should have plenty of references to offer.