Signs of Moss & Algae Growth on Rochester Roofing

Now that summer has finally arrived in Rochester, many homeowners may experience or notice discoloration of their roofs, especially roofing that doesn’t get much sunlight. In order to prevent algae or moss buildup, homeowners must act quickly. Moss will actually attack and ruin an asphalt or composition roof. Excessive moss can dam up water, allowing […]

Proper Attic Ventilation – Rochester Roofing

Rochester roofing experts commonly discuss the importance of attic ventilation to homeowners. Roofing decks without proper air flow can have a negative on your home and all living within it. This advice from roofing professionals comes from years of experience in handling roofing issues common to the Rochester area. But many homeowners are not aware […]

Rochester Roofers- References the Golden Rule

How many times have you replaced your roof? For the average Rochester homeowner the answer is almost never. This is a lifetime investment; you don’t want the average roofer. You want the best roofer or roofing company you can find. The first mindset of most people is to buy from whoever gives the cheapest bid. […]

Rochester Roofing Contractors Check List

I would be remiss if I didn’t give you the same tips I use when vetting Rochester roofing contractors. How do you know you are getting the best qualified Rochester roofing contractor? One way is you can ask your family and friends or you can check online or look in your local yellow pages. OK, […]

Rochester Roofing Estimates and Inspections

With the harsh winter we have had in Rochester, now is the time to do a proper roof inspection and if needed, estimates. Getting spring estimates gives you time to plan, budget and more importantly hiring the roofing contractor you think will give you peace of mind. Why Spring? If a major or even a […]

Rochester NY Roof Repair or Replacement: 3 Facts to Consider

Whether you should repair or replace your home’s roof is a decision that is best made with the help of expert Rochester roofers. Professional roofing companies understand how to fully evaluate a roof and determine if it only needs repairs or should be completely replaced. The safety of your home’s structure and your family relies […]

A Common Rochester Roof Problem, Ice Dam Anyone?

If you live in a snowy cold climate like Rochester NY you have seen ice dams; those bands of thick ice forming along the eaves of houses, and large beautiful icicles hanging from gutters causing millions of dollars of damage every year to home owners. Water-stained ceilings, missing or dislodged roof shingles, sagging or torn […]

Popular Residential Roofing Materials in Rochester NY

Roof replacement projects can stress any Rochester home owner, especially if they are confused about what type of roofing materials to use. How long can you expect a typical fiberglass roof to last? You are wise to ask questions about materials and find out all of your options. Most popular in our region and why […]

Hiring Reputable Rochester NY Roofers

Hiring reputable Rochester NY roofers to make repairs, remodel or install new roofing protects you from future headaches and costly repairs. Amateur roofers or do-it-yourself friends may have talent when it comes to simple construction tasks, but your roof is a vital component of your home. It protects you from inclement weather all while making […]

Do It Yourself Roof Repair & Installation

Do-it-yourself roof repair or installation is usually not an option for most New York homeowners. Most Rochester roofers offer professional systems and service so that you can live comfortably in your home without concern for leaky ceilings, inferior roofing materials or incorrect installations. But finding skilled roofers can be challenging. If you hire the wrong company, you […]