Rochester NY Roof Repair or Replacement: 3 Facts to Consider

Whether you should repair or replace your home’s roof is a decision that is best made with the help of expert Rochester roofers. Professional roofing companies understand how to fully evaluate a roof and determine if it only needs repairs or should be completely replaced.

The safety of your home’s structure and your family relies on having a correctly installed and functioning roof overhead. While it might be tempting to handle roofing repairs yourself to save money and extend the life of your rooftop, only professional roofers can offer you guaranteed work and expertise that gets the job handled right.

How to Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your Roof

Every homeowner’s situation is different, but when trying to make the decision about repairing or replacing your roof, you should know the age of your roof and how long it is expected to last. Roof lifespan depends entirely on the type of material used to cover your roof. Shingles typically last 20 years while slate lasts for more than 100 years with proper maintenance. Cedar shakes often last 30 years, and synthetic products designed to offer the appearance of cedar or slate shingles have a life expectancy of more than 50 years.

Making the right decision about replacement or repair is vital to the functioning of the roof and your pocketbook as well. If you choose to repair the roof and it really needs replacement, you’ll end up paying more than necessary to cover both repairs and replacement.

When to Repair Roofs

Roofing companies specialize in repair work for both interior and exterior issues. Because of their broad expertise with everything concerning roofing, they are a better choice over a general contractor or handyman. Common issues that may be handled with repairs rather than replacement include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles – after strong storms, shingles commonly tear or go missing. Installing new shingles is a fairly inexpensive task. Any bad shingles may be removed and replaced.
  • Roof leaks – most roof leaks are also repairable without damaging the roof’s integrity. In many situations, roof flashing causes leaking issues. Once you or a repairman locate the source of the leak, then it is simply a matter of replacing or repairing the flashing.
  • Partial re-roofing – for some roofs, severe storms with rain or wind damage a single area of the roof. When this happens, it may be possible to re-roof that roof section without a full replacement. It is always a good idea to get a roofing contractor opinion about partial roof projects versus a full roof replacement.

When to Replace Roofing

A complete roof replacement is a significant investment for homeowners; however, in some situations, it is the best available option. Professional Rochester roofers recommend roof replacement when:

  • Roof is past its lifespan – when your roof is close to 20 years old and needs repair work, it is usually a better idea to replace it. At that age, shingles are dry, cracked or worn. In this condition, moisture may accumulate under the shingles and lead to wood framing decay.
  • Partial re-roofing project – an older roof with a planned re-roof of only a partial section may need a complete replacement. It is usually less expensive to re-roof an entire house than just a section mainly because the work crew is already onsite and the materials cost less per square foot with the more you buy.
  • Weather Damage – if you’re constantly replacing shingles or repairing leaks after storms, you may need a full replacement. The quality of roofing technology has increased over time, and the today’s roofing materials are able to withstand strong weather conditions.