Popular Residential Roofing Materials in Rochester NY

Roof replacement projects can stress any Rochester home owner, especially if they are confused about what type of roofing materials to use.

How long can you expect a typical fiberglass roof to last?

You are wise to ask questions about materials and find out all of your options.

Most popular in our region and why

1.        Fiberglass/Asphalt Shingles (about 80% of the market)


Lower cost compared to other types

Good fire resistance available

Wind warranties available to 130 mph, when installed in accordance with manufactures requirements

Class 3 and 4 impact resistance available

Many styles and colors to choose from

Better grades available with warranties up to 50 years


Wide variations of quality, can last from 15 to 50 years

2.        Metal Roofs


Long life

Popular for low and steep roofs

Available Class A fire rating

Can be high wind resistant with proper installation requirements

Solar reflective properties

Surface has slippery properties to enhance snow and water run off

Many styles and colors to choose from

If properly maintained, metal types can have a lifespan of several generations, lasting longer than 100 years.  Some metal roofs have been in existence for centuries.


Costs are usually 2 to 3 times or more than fiberglass shingles


3.        Slate Roofs


Long Life

Completely fire proof

Stunning appearance

Colors available but limited

Slate is another long life roof if installed and maintained properly. In most cases the costs are prohibitive and finding a qualified installer can be exhausting. Modern roofs have to engineered and constructed to accept the weight requirements.


Extremely expensive and roof infrastructure has to accept the added weight.

Roofer has to be experienced in this particular installation and repair.


4.        Concrete or Clay Roofing in the Rochester NY

Cement or concrete roofing is growing in popularity because it can create the look of wood or ceramic tile without most of the drawbacks. They tend to last a long time, provide good fire protection, require little maintenance and they’re usually both lighter and more affordable than ceramic. The many styles and colors of cement and concrete give you tremendous flexibility.